Hey Lowell,

My biggest takeaway from the weekend was how I am not lacking anything needed to lead a dangerous men group, but I also am not (and cannot do it) alone.  The support and bonding with everyone was encouraging to hear where they’ve been, and where they are at now, and how I have so many guys that will come along side me to help me lead, and help me become a better leader.

One thing I learned the most was understanding the difference between my job as a group leader, and God’s job.  I cannot change guys’ hearts, and this takes a huge weight off my shoulders.  It’s a “duh” moment now looking back, but before when I would lead groups, I took it very personally if guys weren’t interested or making the progress I thought they should be.  It’s refreshing to take away my pride and allow the Holy Spirit do the heavy lifting, he’s better at it anyways.

I absolutely loved jeeping.  The view, the experience, and bonding with guys one on one, every part of it I want to go back and do again.

– Kevin