My overall take away from the weekend is that I can lead a dangerous men group with confidence, knowing that I don’t have to be some super spiritual guy who knows all the answers and who can memorize tons of bible verses but I can be the imperfect man that I am and give God the glory and let him lead through me. To him being his boy and surrendering everything to him is all he wants. I struggled with not having enough knowledge to lead a group but I feel more assured and bold in my faith to not worry about that and to rebuke the lie that Satan is telling me that I’m not worthy to lead a group but accept the truth that God has called me to share his good news and to help men that are struggling with the same issues that I have and continue to struggle with.

I just loved the aspect of doing guy stuff and being men. We don’t often get the chance to be who we were created to be, climbing on rocks, jeeping, smoking cigars, walking around the house with boxers on, etc.

Honestly it was amazing for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

– Matt