It is near impossible to narrow it down to one take-away, as there was so much to digest from the weekend. We covered topics like, “How to Lead Well,” “Sexualized Affection,” and “Understanding Sexual Identity.” All of these topics and themes are extremely helpful when endeavoring to lead a group. However, perhaps the most powerful take-away for me was, as I have seen again and again in the Dangerous Men training, is the need to selflessly serve in God’s calling to make disciples. This is probably the most difficult thing we will ever do and can lead is to our campuses, homes, and across the world. However, it gives the greatest meaning anyone can taste, for when we are following Jesus and participating in His plan of redemption, it brings true satisfaction and meaning that nothing in the world can offer.

I think that our lesson, “Sexualized Affection” was probably the most beneficial thing I learned. In it Lowell explained how Satan has twisted the world and our very hearts in order to corrupt manhood, take men out of the fight, and, perhaps most important, alter the true God-centered enjoyment of love and affection that we can experience with others in light of Jesus. Therefore, as I go in to this year, I will have a renewed excitement for seeking to show affection (both in word and deep) to others around me. As we see in I John, we are called to “Outdo one another in showing honor, love, and affection…” Yet I fall short on that in so many ways. Therefore, my goal is to call that to the forefront of my mid this year and use that to serve the men I hope to lead through Dangerous Men.

We did so many awesome things, from jeeping to the pistol range to meeting. However, one of my favorite memories came from when we spent time in the hot springs.

Because I have led so many groups already and know that God works in and through my inadequacies in order to set guys free and bring them to himself. I learned some awesome things that will be extremely applicable when I do lead again. This weekend was very helpful and encouraging, and even if I did not learn anything new (which I totally did learn many new things!) I would still be in a better place to serve because of the kind of men there.

I am beyond thankful for you, and God has been so good to bring each of you in to my life.