Overall the weekend was great. The sessions were filled with great information that is very helpful in leading a group and for some self-evaluation. Then the activities we did were great. I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. It was probably the highlight of my summer.

One of the biggest take aways was the understanding of homosexuality and same sex attraction and how to deal with it. I had always had the view point that people who struggle with that need to be loved, but the question always was how do you love them? I think this weekend gave a good understanding in the background of it and how we can work with someone who does struggle with those issues.

The jeeping was phenomena. Besides the rain and even with the rain I think that it was awesome seeing how creative God is and was. The beauty of the mountain and rivers was incredible. Then also being able to ride with a bunch of the guys helped get to know them and connect with them.

There wasn’t anything that I thought or saw in particular that could be done differently. Maybe not have it rain next time.

– Ryan