Dangerous Men – 6th Edition

Dangerous Men – 6th Edition


Dangerous Men is the guidebook to begin a process that inspires young men to be warriors for Christ and to become “dangerous men” for God’s kingdom.
A small group discipleship Bible study for men who struggle with lust, porn, and other strongholds who want to live free.

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All young men long to be “dangerous” for something,
but in God’s kingdom, you can not be very dangerous against the enemy if you
continue to be taken out by sin. Today, 99% of young men are to
some degree struggling with either lust, masturbation, porn, sex outside of
marriage, hooking up, or in most cases some combination of all of the above.

You are not alone, there is hope.

In a process that doesn’t use shame and does a lot more than
“talk”, Dangerous Men is a small group workbook that tackles the
issues few leaders want to or feel equipped to, and it gives young men a place
to get real about what they’re up against in a way that inspires hope instead of guilt or shame. Dangerous Men is the beginning of a process that inspires young men to be warriors for Christ and to become “dangerous men” for God’s kingdom. 

A discipleship Bible study for all young men.

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